Terms and conditions


All fees must be paid as invoiced, before 31 October 2017 and must be to the full currency amount excluding bank charges, exchange rates, as shown on the booking forms and according to the invoice. No cancellations or refunds will be accepted after 23 October 2017. 

All cancellations must be made in writing and received by the organisers before that date. Up to 50% of the fee will be refunded against cancellations received between 2-20 October 2017.  Cancellations in writing received before 2 October 2017 will be refunded to the full amount of payment received. 

The organisers reserve the right to vary and re-schedule the papers programme according to the availability of papers and speakers. The organisers reserve the right to refuse participation of delegates at the forum without assigning any reason therefore.

The organiser accepts no responsibility for the claims of accuracy of technical content of printed papers or spoken work by the author and presenters of papers or any other claims made by attending corporations or personnel at this forum. The organisers will accept no responsibility for the safety and security of persons or their property whilst attending this international forum.

The organisers, sponsors, agents, managers or representatives will accept no claim for a refund or damages or other type of claim for persons attending or participating at the CabWire 2017 Industry Forum. These conditions are deemed to be accepted by any person or corporation having signed the booking form issued by the organisers or using their own order or booking documentation to be receivable by the organisers for this event.  Confirmation of booking issued by the organisers is issued only on the understanding that applications and participants at the CabWire 2017 Industry Forum are accepted on these conditions.

Privacy Policy

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