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Kabel.Consult.Ing will exhibit its “Energy-light” drive system at CabWire 2017

Kabel.Consult.Ing award

Juan Carlos González Villar, proprietor of Kabel.Consult.Ing: "We are so pleased to display at CabWire Industry Forum 2017 our “Energy-light” drive system, winner of Germanys “BEST OF INDUSTRY AWARD 2017” in the “drive engineering” category.

This high-profile industry prize acknowledges our commitment to first-class development work as well as our market position as a contract development firm and problem solver. We also see the results of the jury voting as evidence that this innovative product will be well received by exactly the same group of people for whom it was developed: the pioneers of Industry 4.0 and e-mobility.

The "Energy-light" drive system significantly improves the energy efficiency of an application through the use of new motor technology, cutting-edge process and control methods, and lightweight construction with composite fiber materials. It minimizes drive output during continuous operation, during acceleration, delays, and braking; maximizes generator output; and standardizes the drive system to become a complex total application.

Kabel.Consul.Ing will be exhibiting at table top #13 at the forthcoming CabWire Industry Forum 2017 to be held at CCD East, Messe Dueseldorf 7 November.

About Kabel.Consult.Ing

German firm Kabel.Consult.Ing provides engineering services comprising customer-specific consultation, design, development, and calculation of technical systems and machines. Using cutting edge technologies and an individualized approach, Kabel.Consult.Ing supports companies as they plan new machines and production lines, including auxiliary and secondary facilities. The firm also delivers needs-based support in the form of development and design services as well as assistance with capacity bottlenecks and special projects. Reinforced with several patent-applied efficient drive systems, the firm offers engineering services at a high technical level.

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