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Tour of the High Voltage Laboratory at University of Southampton

CabWire 2019 delegates will have the opportunity to visit the Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory during the morning and afternoon refreshment breaks to hear a presentation on the Fundamentals of High Voltage Testing and a tour of the laboratory

TDHVL was originally built in 1991 for development and testing of submarine cable systems, and our activities in cable systems have continued to grow since then. It is an active centre for research into a range of cable system topics, including the development of new materiald and the use of condition monitoring techniques. 

On the tour, delegates will see the university's main HV testing laboratory, where staff will explain the design and uses of the HV test equipment. Delegates will also see some short demonstrations which help to visualise electrical phenomena, including electrical breakdown behaviour".

 For more information about the TDHVL, please visit the website.


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